Isnin, 14 Oktober 2013

I do like someone in my workplace and after few times of trying to get close to her, I get good news and bad news...not so bad after all jut considered no luck. I thought that she was older to me and kept calling her akak ever since I didn’t have my heart falling for her. She managed to be in the list of my reasons why I want to go to work…hahahaha
The day, I managed to have extra mile conversations with her to her better. She is younger than me, she is 91 and me 86. Five years younger. In addition her facebook page was on, me:“can add me to your..?”. Done…she said: “Later approve eyh.” Waited for tomorrow and approve. That is when I noticed that her wedding day is next week. Sad…after one comes another, engaged and next week will be married. We will just be officemate…hurm..

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