Khamis, 19 April 2012

Accident again... suey..

Today my first summon from Traffic Sargeant. Do to the incident where I accident this morning in AU3 5/56 Wangsamaju, Keramat. I was the driver and the vehicle was TM's Vannete BHJ 2033. Due to slippery, the van skidded to the left while climb the road and smash a viva.... Mak aih.. takde lah smash hancur, just rear. Damaged on the VIVA was on left side of the car. The side mirror was exploded to pieces, body at the front wheel flatted and some scratches, due to the impact. The colour of the car was on my van...
Come back to the summon, After settled discussed, went to Balai Polis Jalan Bandar... which situated at kompleks selangor.. give some details receive "summon" and took photos. From there stright to TMF at Batu 10 Cheras, change car... fill forms why and where... The van received as replacement was good but on the way  to keramat breakdown, automatically turn off every time slow. Again rushed to the fleet for another replacement. Now, it is replaced by Nissan ranger.... by the way the VIVA, WSL 8137

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