Rabu, 25 November 2009

Being a student again...

Its a busy semester. Register for October Intake. Short sem, everything need to learn in a fast mode. Subjects are quite difficult since I left almost a year and during that time concentrate more working as Retail Assistant in bookstore. When I start learning again everything seems new to me even though the subects have been taken in my diploma years. Its true about what my friends told me, degree in the field I'm in was callenging. Thank god that there are only 2 subjects offered for the sem. If there are more and need to be registered, worst that now.. Now itself I'm struggling to manage both subjects catch up with the notes and slides.
Getting here, MMU from hostel by their vehicle at certain time, most of the time we need to call them to fetch us the students. We are sharing hostel with pharmacist students from MiCOST. MMUians here are just 8 students and a fellow as our warden.

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